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We plan and implement cleanup projects using people who owe community service hours through the judicial court systems, along with other volunteers. We are a designated worksite that has been set up with the Washington State Dept. of Corrections and other county court systems.
Friends of the Trail
PO Box 1124
North Bend, WA
(425) 831-5486
Friends of the Trail was organized in March of 1996 to address the problem of dumping and littering on our public lands, waterways, and scenic areas in Eastern King County, WA.  Since then, we have expanded our cleanups to many other areas throughout Washington.  We work on these lands removing accumulated trash, appliances, tires, and other debris including illegally dumped contractor and household trash, car parts, paint, motor oil, homeless camp trash, target shooting & recreational trash, and other debris. We strive to create better awareness of the problem and implement prevention measures, and educational efforts to achieve our overall goal to keep Washington State's public lands and waterways healthy.  Our work directly benefits water quality, and ecosystems that rely on a healthy, clean environment.
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Imagine this!  Friends of the Trail Cleaned up over 2,000 tons of garbage from our public lands and waterways since 1997 excluding appliances, tires and abandoned vehicles.